Swarovski "Love & Pain" - Commercial Film

A cinematic commercial for 'Angelic' collection
"Love & Pain" is all about passion. It is about everything we love in the world. And this everything is also our great pain. Characters in our commercial film are the artists. Their passions are ballet and jewelry. The jewelry maker is showing his unprecedented love for his creation, for the piece he's been working on for years, and he finally finishes it, through pain, hate, ups and downs. The ballerina is creating the art, the beauty, through her love for this art and through her pain at the same time, as ballet is a rough, painful and tough discipline, which is a great reflection of our world's balance. Which basically teaches that everything has a price. And we pay the price for the result. The price is pain, the targeting result is love. Simple, and beautiful.
Our Action.
Long story short.
How we created this piece of art.
Idea & Script
With our project manager Dias Kudassov we brainstormed tons of ideas. As the project was intended to be a part of our Dubai tender, we needed to create a concept that would not be like others. We needed a fresh inhale. After couple of weeks, I proposed to our team a concept, where our producer Diana Zhiganshina immediately went to action and proposed Olga Bogoliubskaia - a ballerina acting on behalf of Národní Divadlo. That's where the project took off. At the same time, our Filmmaker's Mexman. Academy was in the process of filming, so we, after our director Alikhan Mexman prepared the script, integrated that shooting into our Bootcamp as a part of studying process. Interesting, right?
Our filming locations were Centrum Zlatniku founded by Alexey Sokolov, who gladly provided his work cabinet for our first part where the 'creator of necklace' Jiří Tomeček is assembling his beloved creation, and Národní Divadlo, where we shot our great sequence with outstanding ballerina Olga Bogoliubskaia. The whole sequence was shot for 2 shooting days, each of which was around 4 hours long, carrying the necklace with our AP Associate Producer Karina Sukharenko around and protecting it at all costs. Gladly, 0 stress and only creativity and good vibes were around our production atmosphere.

Final Edit & Voiceover
Final edit was not that big part as Voiceover was. Our first VoiceOver had encountered personal issues and was unable to deliver the VoiceOver in time. At the same time we needed the highest quality possible, so the second mission was to do that in remote. Thankfully, our partner from London agreed to participate in the project and act with his voice. We thank RJ from Shades for assisting us with his gifted voice and pushing the projects towards the tightest deadlines. Thanks to Apple, we were able to find the perfect ratio between surroundings and recording quality, so it fits the best standards.
Alikhan Mexman
"Love & Pain" project is a significant step in our production. We managed to bring and combine the best experience into the field and shoot a commercial of this level and segment for the record time and budget.
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