Valhalla Fighting - Trailer

A cinematic commercial for Valhalla Fighting promotion
Valhalla is Paradise for vikings. The place where warriors are having great feast and countless celebration at the table with their fellow heroes and brothers-in-arms. Valhalla Fighting decided to follow the ancient tradition and culture of the great vikings, and integrates it into the big promotion for young fighters who want to mesmerize attention of crowds and leave their story on the ring. The call was to make a short, middle-size commercial for target audience to promote the brand and make people remember Valhalla Fighting, at the same time involving more fighters to join the path of Valhalla.
Our Action.
Long story short.
How we created this piece of art.
Idea & Script
The whole idea of Anatoly Radaev was to transcend the idea of Vikings and ancient traditions, and create an unforgettable atmosphere and popularity of the project. Our director Alikhan Mexman proposed to concentrate on adding of "spice" into the commercial to raise right questions, emotions, and create an unnoticeable "call-to-action" to the project.
The set took place at Storm Club. Popular club among locals. It was going to become the first ring at the launch of the first full-scale event, where Mexman. took advantage of producing, scripting, capturing and post-producing. The positions of the characters were identical to the ones that were waiting for the attendants of the Valhalla Fighting event. We reworked the lighting and added more vibrant colors to create an atmosphere of a hall at Jarl's place. A bonfire, table with ammunition and animal bones, window light, stone walls. The set took us 5 hours to do the make-up, setup, and the filming.

Final Edit & Voiceover
Final edit and the right Voice. A professional dubbing actor was called for the project. Mark Dohnal was able to deliver the best possible experience and feelings with his Viking's voice and mood. Final edit added a few VFX solutions such as the epic transition in the end of the video, and tons of SFX work was put into the timeline to make it unforgettable and maximally atmospheric for the audience.
Anatoly radaev
founder of valhalla fighting
Me and my partner wanted to watch the commercial more and more. The result exceeded expectations! Mexman. has delivered the product much earlier than the set deadline, and we are fully content. We are looking forward to work more on the upcoming Valhalla Fighting events, and we will delegate the whole process to your team with no doubts and hesitations. Thank you!
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