ZAW Fashion

Designer clothes
ZAW fashion is one of the most aspiring moderate modest fashion brand. Emphasize style of grace, elegance, vivacity and modesty which are the main values of the brand.

Mexman. team was there to assist with ZAW Paris campaign's launch. Developing visuals, making product photosets, and compiling it with website design & video visuals.

Our Action.
Visuals for every product
Aiming for the best and the most modern fashion techniques for achieving the most appearing results possible. ZAW Fashion had to be fully packed in terms of photo/video visuals for the new designer product line and their launch in Paris, France.
Design development
Developing the most suitable for the brand colours and identity design solutions. Collaborating with colors, brand identity and product style.
Photo campaign from A to Z
From generating a plan to implementing and execution. From model casting and thorough selection, to clothes design mixing and outsourcing a team of professionals for the fastest execution. Project closed for 1 week.
ceo & Founder of zaw fashion
Mexman. can really work under pressure, I remember our first project together we had a very little time and we managed to pull it off with the models and the studio and all the preparations. He is patient with the vision of the client and you just need to explain what you want. I would recommend for sure!
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