Potřebuju pauzu - Raego feat. Lucie Vondráčkova

#1 on YouTube trends Czech Republic
Combine storytelling and music, which is inspired by hard time relationships, that require a Pause. Follow the vision of both artists and the directors. Fulfill the production and pre-production gaps with ideas, implement new creative elements into post-production flows.
The #1 song on the Czech market
3 days of intensive work. Storyline development with Tereza Hirsch, then intensive 9-hours shooting, then next day shooting with Raego were something.

The target set was covered and all the checkmarks set. The job was delivered the next day after the set was over.

Potrebuju Pauzu has become one of the most popular songs on YouTube, getting to YouTube Trends #1 place. Raego got interviewed for the topic "the best songs".
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