Mercedes-Benz E-Class Showcase

Antwerp's Mercedes-Benz
Create a unique and uncomplicated concept that would show the character but at the same time the elegance of Mercedes Benz Class vehicles.

Emphasize and provide to a customer a feeling of power and style. Show Mercedes E-Class as a complex, stylish, and 'living' product.
Every second counts
A story was created based on the concept. All the aspects were shown in a 1-minute video sequence which was shot in Antwerp, Belgium.

The message was based on the idea that basically says 'every second count'. We take Time for a granted thing but the thing is that we don't fully recognize and comprehend Time is the only thing we can never own. It's given to us for rent. Speed is essential.

The work was forwarded from Antwerp's Mercedes-Benz branch to the head marketing branch in Belgium.
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