Mail for business
Professional email
for your domain
Get email accounts with your site name. We will protect you from spam and viruses.
As soon as we implement professional domain mail we started to get more responses.
Helen Rassom, Project manager of Show Must Go On
It helps you grow
It builds strong brand
Why do I need branded mail?
$BFINE_VAR_MAIL is taken more seriously and gives more loyalty to your brand.
Build security, credibility, and trust with you branded mail. Just compare $ and $BFINE_VAR_MAIL.
Promotes Brand Awareness
Every time anyone gets an email, your company’s name gets put directly in front. Recipient sees your company name and become aware of your company, its products, and its mission
Robert Fox
Add colegue
Annette Black
Jerome Bell
Kristin Watson
Jane Nilson
Matches your corporate structure
Operate your team easier.
To reach all developers, just send email to dev@$BFINE_VAR_SITE instead of adding each colleague mail manually.
Add aliases to the team. Need to send emails from both $BFINE_VAR_MAIL and info@$BFINE_VAR_SITE? Don't switch between email accounts, do it from one interface.
Connect all your projects into one email. Using different domains? Set them as alias and enjoy mailing in one interface.
Tools to make your business convenient
Includes more than you expect
Online office
Edit any files including xlsx, docx, pptx, doc, odt, ods, ppt and other formats.
Online Calls
Hold meetings without installing additional applications, save on third-party services
Store and share files up to 5 TB.
Give access to your team members.
Online Drive
From 10 GB to 3 TB on Drive for every member
History of changes
We keep a changelog for 90 days. You can go back to previous versions of a file at any time.
Auto-save folders
Connect any folder, like My Documents or the desktop, to automatically back them up to Drive They’ll be securely stored in the cloud.
Unlimited video calls on your browser
Video meetings by link
No registration and installation needed. Send participants a link to join the call. Use it even for team calls and customer calls.
Talk as long as you need to
Important discussions won’t get cut off. No time limits on video calls.
Online editing and maintaining documents
All popular formats
Editors support XLSX, DOCX, PPTX, DOC, ODT, ODS, PPT, and other formats. Open any file.
Give colleagues editing access to work on documents together.
This price does not include the installation fee of 35$.
Pay once for installation and configuration of all your email accounts and get the free first month of use.
per month
per month
per month