"Hvězdy" - Lucie Vondráčková

Got to top - #3 music videos in the Czech Republic
Gained over 1.5M views on YouTube
(special guest Marián Čekovský)
From idea to ready-to-go product. As simple as that, our team had to create a suitable, creative and at the same time simple concept, that would the initial step to a music video creation.
Our Action.
From concept to pre-production
We implemented the simple and creative idea that got later liked and confirmed by the client and proceeded with location, equipment and team preparations. The outcome was to shoot an emotional dark video and the most important part has become the technical performance during the production process.
Filming process & team management
After the concept was ready for the act, our team directed straight for equipment gathering and location preparations. Location was chosen to be the famous Česky Rozhlas, which was then the one and the only location for the whole music video. We took several special lights that would create the effect of 'beams' and couple stabilizers for further shooting. Placed the piano, had planned out the positions and etc.
Coloring, editing, and product delivery
Working alongside with other professionals, we colored, edited and delivered the final product to our client who was very content with the results. Just couple days after, the video was out on YouTube and other platforms, getting attention of local media and getting to trend list straight after the release date.
Project manager
The project went great. Even though the whole team have had a lot of pressure, every member has managed to pull off the video easily, and with a big professionalism. The client was very happy as far as people, who came as spectators. I am very glad how the budget allocation worked out! Superb.
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