Kissed by Notes - EditFest 2022

Directing and editing at worldwide festival EditFest 2022
EditFest is an international annual competition for film and video makers of all levels. Our target as Mexman. Films was to create a story from the provided footage from FilmSupply, reflecting trailer-based concept.
Our Action.
Create a script
"Kissed by Notes" was a story about an alternate reality where people are so closed and intermediate with expressing their feelings that nowadays culture of creative people has become something unique and rare, that they are now being identified as a different, 'out of this world' specie of people. A good song is also preferred at this stage to set the 'atmosphere' for the upcoming work.
Gathering footage, developing sequence
Form a comprehensive and stylish look out of the footage provided by FilmSupply. The footage had to reflect characters and follow the storyline, and fit together as they were shot for the purpose of the script written.
Final Edit & Voiceover
Compiled sequence needed a voiceover, it's like a pathway for the storyline. Visuals were supported by our VoiceOver to help orienting and delivery of the story.
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