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Valhalla Fighting is a professional boxing league founded by Anatoly Radaev in honor of his father. The name is derived from Viking ideology and translates to "paradise for fallen Vikings on the battlefield." The league's mission is to give fighters of all levels a chance to showcase their skills, courage, and bravery in the ring. Join our league and embark on a journey to become a Viking warrior on the battlefield. Submit your application to become a fighter on our 'Become a Fighter' page or learn more about us on our 'About Us' page at
Our target for Valhalla Fighting was to create a strong and memorable brand image that stands out in the competitive boxing industry. We aimed to organize and enhance the visual aspects of their fighting tournaments to provide fans with an unforgettable experience and to finally deliver the best visually recognizable video products for our partner's YouTube channel.
Our Action.
Competition Analysis
We conducted extensive research into the boxing industry and analyzed the competition to identify opportunities to differentiate Valhalla Fighting from other leagues in the market, we did the research and made cooperation with the leading YouTube projects such as Mahatch to ensure our product does have everything it needs.
Diminish the weakness, empower the strengths
We developed a comprehensive branding strategy that highlighted the league's unique selling points and created a visually appealing brand image. We also organized and enhanced the visual aspects of their fighting tournaments, including stage design, lighting, and video production, to create an unforgettable experience for fans.
Constant Visual Improvement
We recognized that boxing is a visual sport, and we focused on creating visually appealing content on the Valhalla Fighting website and social media platforms. We constantly updated the visuals and content to showcase the intensity and excitement of their matches, ensuring that fans are always engaged and entertained.
On the way to the Olympia
Official Season 1
Official Season 1
Valhalla Fighting x Mexman.
As a result of our collaboration with Valhalla Fighting, we were able to establish a long-term and lasting partnership. Our media strategy and visual enhancements helped the league to stand out in the market, leading to increased engagement and attendance at the events.
We successfully engaged thousands of people at the events, including UFC fighters, MMA champions, startups, and advertisement partners such as O2 and O2 Sport. Our collaboration with Valhalla Fighting helped to position the league as a leading force in the boxing industry, and our efforts resulted in significant growth in their social media following, website traffic, and ticket sales.
By the end of our collaboration, Valhalla Fighting had become a recognized and respected brand in the industry, and we are proud to have played a part in their success. The partnership between Mexman and Valhalla Fighting continues to this day, and we look forward to continuing to help them achieve their goals.

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