Instagram Game - Betting Courses
Brand Support - Advanced
PragueBoss - the phenomenon that brought betting strategies from the East to Prague. Coming in as an arrow to the target, the Boss crashed the sales' totals. With Mexman. , PragueBoss' activity has raised, followers count, buyers count, and overall brand awareness has been rocketed to thousands in a very short time frame.
Make the brand called PragueBoss appearing, associative with lux, money, betting and success. Emphasize opportunities the field of betting brings. Raise course sales and client base. Attract more followers with outstanding and non-repetitive visuals In different forms.
Our Action.
Identification & target
PragueBoss had tested out ways of promotions when we came to work together. His vision was to position through the socials, specifically, instagram. We started to work our way through showing how rich and successful can you be with a new betting course, supporting with targeting.
Sells funnel launch
Bring the newly arrived people to the way they can see how far and high they can get. Creating great vibes, good-looking visuals and well-prepared plan - the funnel started working long-term from there.
Make not just visuals - make emotions
Working on the newest and the most beautiful and eye-catching techniques, our team delivered visuals and dynamics according to the latest trends that have not even touched the local market. We were the #1. Video, photo, music.
From Hype to Humor
Uncounted stable 1 day projects that became the main plot of the client gain income of the whole Instagram game.
Cinematic educational video "hustle or die".
Advertisement for Instagram targeting.
TikTok video collaboration with a local influencer. 
Funny TikTok video due to the latest political events in the Czech Republic.
The Game
Music track made for no more than 3 working days. Launched, published on all music platforms, and gained its respect with 15k stream overall.
Photography that are based on PragueBoss 'no pain - no gain' motivation story. The mascot of the brand - a new BMW M Competition that not only drew attention of the audience but also created association with PragueBoss as a person.
Launched TikTok, Instagram. More than 35k followers on the main account. More than 15k followers on the second account.
TikTok top video is more than 500k views. Sales went up 7 times.
owner of bossimafia
Mexman combines speed and quality. That's something to respect. When it comes to brainstorming and execution, we spend like couple hours between our idea birth and the shooting. We went out there for a half of a day, and came back with a video that gained tens of thousands of views.
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