Hindware "Hungry for More"

A full-scale event with celebrities and top entrepreneurs in Hungary
Brand Support - Advanced
Hold a whole production process of Gala, Hindware event that took place in Hungary, Budapest. Take action in a 2-days long event on 2 different locations - great hall of Budapest and a boat on Danube river.
Our Action.
Preparations and Transport
Our project was thoroughly calculated for transportation and timing aspects, so the team of specialists arrive to the indicated spot at the right time with the right equipment, getting to the city of Budapest on a car.
Organization of the Event & Shooting
2 specialists were sent to the field of action and with producing skills, that usually come in handy on the spot of events. The team took initiative for organization and important for organization processes and, alongside with the event's producing team, held multiple organizational aspects that assisted the whole event's running.
Final Deliveries
The team is always prepared for the fastest delivery scenarios as far as events, sometimes, require very specific tasks. In our case, it was a 10 minute delivery, since the event's entertainment program requested the photos made, literally, couple minutes before. Successfully completing the 'running' tasks our team delivered all the material in the span of 5 days after the event and arrival of the production team to headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic.
Project sponsor
Your production team was absolutely insane. We were amazed how fast and professional you are and we highly respect the flow! Thanks!
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