Czech Language School - Summer Campaign
Brand Support - Basic
GoStudy is a leading Czech language school based in Prague and Brno, Czech Republic. The school organizes fully packed language courses for students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

GoStudy Summer Campaign was about giving actual clients and potential students a complex, and at the same time well-gathered and compiled information about the main and leading universities in the Czech Republic.
The target for Mexman. was to quickly arrange and finish the projects started by GoStudy with other video makers. The target was to finish up 10 projects for a short period of time in 1-week range, while the set deadline was getting closer and closer.
Our Action.
Determine & Examine
We went through all the material at once to speed up the process of compiling the best video out of the concept that had been set before us.
Get to know the Concept
We imported all the animations and rethought some concepts to match the first video that was compiled and confirmed by the client before us.
Get all the others done
After setting the way of how the client wanted to see the final product our team divided the work to also be able to support all the projects., including the vlog sequence from GoStudy.
10 projects meant to highlight the most valuable moments. Quickly.
Advertisement for Instagram targeting.
TikTok video collaboration with a local influencer. 
Funny TikTok video due to the latest political events in the Czech Republic.
GoStudy - Summer Campaign
5 projects were completed in 5 days. After, GoStudy received all the others during the upcoming week. Couple of videos were shot by Mexman team, when the videos were organized and executed for 1-2 days overall, and the final project was sent on the 4th day after the final one was shot. The other works are awaiting for approvement.
owner of bossimafia
Mexman combines speed and quality. That's something to respect. When it comes to brainstorming and execution, we spend like couple hours between our idea birth and the shooting. We went out there for a half of a day, and came back with a video that gained tens of thousands of views.
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