Goosebumps Media

YouTube channel targeted for Russian segment in Music
Brand Support - Advanced
Goosebumps Media - the first channel on the Czech market Youtube that was meant to entertain and set a new standard in video quality, material and guests. The key point of the channel was that Russian music that was showed to the guests was only the one from the most promising, and, by people choice, top charts of the Russian Music Market. Guests were only musicians and music professionals like DJ's, Dancers, Music producers, singers, performers and etc.
Create a brand new progressing design, filming, production quality, and material that would take the most out of the segment.
Gain followers, make high results with views, get to the trends and make Goosebumps stand out from the competition.
Our Action.
Competition Analysis
As a team, we went through thorough analysis of the competition on YouTube space in the segment of Music Reactions and Reactions overall. We planned & identified the weakest and the strongest points to work on.
Diminish the weakness, empower the strengths
Going deeper into the analysis, we highlighted that if we want to stand out - we need Quality and Speed. Market would require some work on that. So that's what we did, having only 1 camera, 1 lens, and 1 iPhone. With all the giving circumstances we managed to move straight up and provide the best quality on that day.
Constant Visual Improvement
With the developed amount of video quantity, a new target was set - develop constant improvement of the visuals. Watchers quickly get tired of the same picture style, that's why every new season we expected an explosion in comments, likes and views.
From the bottom to Travis Scott
A path from the first 50k views to the place right next to Travis Scott's Goosebumps on YouTube Search
Global Relaunch Season 4
Global Relaunch Season 4
Season 3
Season 3
Season 2
Season 1
Goosebumps Media
The best Media Reaction channel. For the time of the mutual work with Mexman., the channel has reached more than 8.000.000 views on the channel. Recorded view count was 470.000 views for one video. The channel has reached 42.000 followers.
Arthur hmelevski
co-founder of goosebumps media
We absolutely crushed every YouTube metric that the Mexman. team gave us. Our quality was undefeated by competition and we are still the first on the Russian market with this results and this kind of quality.
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