"CHOMU?" - alyona alyona & Jerry Heil

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from the side of alyona alyona.
With the beginning of the war, Jerry Heil and I realized that the best good in the world is to serve. To show love. All truths are simple. Homeland has no analogues. Intuition is the voice of the soul. And if you repeat these truths to yourself in the morning and before bed, if you hear yourself, if you love without expecting love, if you respect your homeland, then the space around you will be as clean as spring water.

When Yana sent me a refrain, it seems to me that I've drowned in it. I have a lot of questions now that are really very difficult for me to find answers to, but I'm looking for them, precisely because I have to arrange them all on the shelves in my head and figure out how to live on. I very often meet people who have the same questions and I really want our new society, which is being formed here and now, to give answers to these questions at a different cost than it is now.
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